Hearty Projects


projects have been organized together with our Hearty partners since 2019.

Hearty Talets

Hearty Talents

Hearty Foundation and UBS

Fostering self-confidence and a love for learning, our project for children supported by the Hearty Hearty Foundation focuses on passion development workshops, volunteer interactions, and additional activities. The journey culminates in the Hearty Talent Gala in Krakow, Wroclaw, and Warsaw, celebrating their remarkable achievements.

post blog FIA5

5 editions

Future Innovators Academy

Hearty Foundation and UBS

We have partnered with UBS to establish FIA, aiming to inspire children and young individuals to expand their horizons, nurture their talents, and foster self-belief.We have partnered with UBS to establish FIA, aiming to inspire children and young individuals to expand their horizons, nurture their talents, and foster self-belief.

Better Together - education, inspiration, mentorship. Organized by Hearty Foundation. Powered by UBS.

3 editions

Better Together

Hearty Foundation and UBS

For several years now, in partnership with UBS, we have been proving that unity is strength! In this project, we carefully pair our beneficiaries with UBS experts. Mentor-mentee pairs regularly meet online over the course of several months to study selected school subjects, all while forming strong and meaningful connections.

Musical (1)

3 editions

Musicals and Concerts

Hearty Foundation and UBS

Together with UBS, we create unique shows that not only showcase the commitment and artistic prowess of our main partner’s employees but, above all, help children acquire their desired skills.

Positive Start with State Street

Positive Start with State Street

Hearty Foundation and UBS

In this project, we show our adult students what it is like to work in an international environment, what the recruitment process looks like and how to prepare for it in order to effectively look for a first or new-better job.

Stay with Ukraine - support, educate, integrate. Organized by Hearty Foundation. Powered by UBS.

Stay with Ukraine

Hearty Foundation and UBS

Together with UBS, we’ve assisted Ukrainian refugees in adapting to life in Poland. We’ve organized vocational courses for adults and artistic activities for children, among other initiatives.

Blue Hearts Embassy Polish-Ukrainian community hub

Blue Hearts Embassy

Hearty Foundation and Bossard

The Blue Hearts Embassy space was established at 69 Kalwaryjska Street in Krakow as part of a project conducted in cooperation with Bossard. It’s a unique place where individuals from Ukraine can learn languages, participate in workshops, access psychological support, and integrate with the local community!

GEenius Academy (Prezentacja (169))

GEnius Academy

Hearty Foundation and GE Healthcare

Thanks to the support of GE Healthcare, several of our beneficiaries took part in an incredible event where they gained a better understanding of the IT world’s work and atmosphere. Employees prepared an exciting day for them, filled with outdoor games, physical activities, and Scratch programming workshops.

EPAM www

e-Kids – Explore the IT World with Us

Hearty Foundation and EPAM

With the support of EPAM, we carried out a fantastic project from April to June 2023, inviting 20 of our beneficiaries to the world of IT. EPAM employees independently designed workshops on basic programming in Scratch and invited children and young people to their headquarters to spend creative time together.

Akademia młodego przedsiębiorcy.: - projektowanie cyfrowe - marketing internetowy - różnorodność i włączenie - analityka i wizualizacja danych - zwinne zarządzanie - prawo i podatki

Young Entrepreneur Academy

Hearty Foundation and JCI Kraków Association

25 children and young people from across Poland took part in the Young Entrepreneur Academy project. They enjoyed engaging in 11 thematic workshops centered on education of the future, covering topics such as marketing, design, analytics, and project management.


You can do IT

Hearty Foundation and Cisco

You can do… many things! They can do IT! In early September 2020, we executed the Cisco project, which we previously featured. Nineteen children satisfied their thirst for knowledge (and enjoyed some pizza too!) while acquiring new skills.


Charity Cruise on the Vistula River

Hearty Foundation, JCI Kraków, and Fracthon Development

The Charity Cruise on the Vistula River is a unique initiative of the JCI Kraków Entrepreneurs’ Association and the owners of Fracthon Development. Thanks to the auction, 150 gathered individuals raised over 80,000 PLN in total for scholarships for our beneficiaries.

We've Arranged a Great Year for the Kids

Hearty Foundation and Aspergo

The goal of the campaign was to create better conditions for the development of children from foster care and educational institutions. To provide children with a comfortable place to learn, with comfortable chairs, and appropriately sized desks, we organized a collection of office furniture and electronics from companies and encouraged them to make donations.

Mój zawód przyszłości

My Job in the Future…

Hearty Foundation and LOTTO Foundation

In the initiative „My Future Profession: Graphic Designer/Roboticist” beneficiaries from foster care and educational institutions in the Lower Silesian and Lesser Poland regions took part. Starting in January, they delved into the intricacies of cutting-edge technologies through workshops in graphic design and robotics, overseen by professionals from the IT industry.

Creatively Mathematical

Hearty Foundation and mBank Foundation

We have partnered with UBS to establish FIA, aiming to inspire children and young individuals to expand their horizons, nurture their talents, and foster self-belief.

Dziewczynka pokazująca swoją pracę plastyczną.

Graphic Design Workshops at Farnell

Hearty Foundation and Farnell

Twelve creative minds, one meeting, four projects, and a total of 80,000 postcards sent to companies in Europe and the Middle East – that’s the result of the recent graphic workshops organized for our beneficiaries by Farnell.


Programming Workshops with ARC

Hearty Foundation and ARC Software

The project involved 7 participants, aged 12-16, interested in programming and a future career in the IT industry. The series of three workshops included about 2 hours of meetings and lasted for 2 weeks.

Mentor pomaga uczestnikowi przy tworzeniu gry na laptopie.

Coding at Paladin Software

Hearty Foundation and Paladin Software

During the programming workshops in Scratch, our children created their first games under the guidance of programmers. Using a highly intuitive tool, they completed individual tasks step by step. Scratch is an educational program that teaches programming through fun.

IT From Heart


Hearty Foundation and WebMakers Software House

The concept behind #IT_from_Heart is to assist children from foster homes and challenging family situations. Their life circumstances often pose obstacles to a promising start and hinder access to resources that could nurture their interest in programming and the IT industry. The campaign kicks off in late September 2020, with the official distribution of laptops scheduled for the end of November.

Buduj i wpieraj poczucie własnej wartości.

Build and Support Self-Worth

Hearty Foundation

At Hearty, we take joy in bringing smiles to the faces of kids and young people. And, naturally, we find satisfaction when, through the commitment of our volunteers and ourselves, our beneficiaries acquire new and valuable skills. Certainly, a sense of self-worth is among those valuable things.

First Step in IT

Hearty Foundation and Capgemini

A few months prior, even before the holidays, the notion sprouted in the mind of Capgemini employee Joanna Kmiotek to assist underprivileged children. During that period, she coincidentally came across the „First Step in IT” project orchestrated by the Hearty Foundation, marking the beginning of a collaboration that culminated in impactful activities for children from institutions in Krakow.

Hearty Young Leaders

Hearty Young Leaders

Hearty Foundation

At Hearty, we’ve observed a common challenge among young individuals – a shortage of positive role models and the motivation to initiate action. Moreover, when they do express the desire to take action, they often struggle with a lack of ideas about what specific steps to take. This project is our response to these challenges.

Save me – Your Planet, Earth

Hearty Foundation and JCI

The average Pole produces as much as 350 kg of waste annually! Unfortunately, a significant portion of this waste still finds its way into ditches, forests, and parks. Together with JCI Kraków, we have addressed this issue by conducting local area clean-up activities, aiming to inspire our beneficiaries to take better care of our planet, Earth.

Grupa uczestników projektu ”Pierwszy Krok w IT”.

The World of Deaf People

Hearty Foundation

Did you know that 3 million people with hearing impairments live in Poland? Do you think that’s a lot or a little? Or perhaps the question was poorly framed? Maybe we should rather ask how many people in Poland know how to communicate with people suffering from hearing impairments or being deaf?

First Steps in IT in Iwanowice

Hearty Foundation

In mid-September 2019, in the Iwanowice Municipality near Krakow, we launched an educational project called „First Steps in IT.” The project was promoted from August, and any student aged 8-16 could participate.