Podróż po świecie technologii – GEenius Academy z GE HealthCare

Our Hearty partnership with GE HealthCare has evolved into opening doors to technological education for our beneficiaries! What exciting journey have they embarked on this time?

How It All Began:

Przemysław Stanisz, our Hearty Member of the Board of the Foundation, and Łukasz Domoradzki, Sr Director – Digital Operations, Site Leader at GE HealthCare, collaborated on a completely different front. The topic of what we do as Hearty subtly emerged, and from word to word, Łukasz decided to spread the message further within GE HealthCare. 

Then Marek Zemsta, who coordinates volunteer activities at GE HealthCare, recognized the value of our approach! After discussions with our Hearty Foundation Director, Alicja Magiera-Bąk, an agreement was reached, providing support for the young ones on one hand, and on the other hand, enhancing the competencies of company employees through employee volunteering.

And so, we commenced our three-month adventure, culminating in an event at the company headquarters for children and youth!

No Preparation – No Progress!

True to our approach, we kicked off by getting GE HealthCare employees, our Hearty volunteers, ready for their engagement with the youth!

A total of 13 volunteers participated in the project. In the initial phase, they took part in workshops geared towards preparing them for collaborating with children. These workshops covered a range of topics, including:

  • NVC (Nonviolent Communication),
  • Challenges encountered by volunteers in their work with young people,
  • Creative strategies for working with children,
  • Building relationships and collaborating with teenagers.

In total, they dedicated 14 hours to these workshops!

Following that, we gathered for weekly sessions where our invaluable and well-prepared Hearty Team crafted three-hour workshops focusing on information technology. These workshops were intended to be the crowning event of our collective efforts and took place on June 22 at the GE HealthCare headquarters in Krakow.

„At our meetings with volunteers, we realized the importance of showing children that the IT world is not just about sitting in front of a computer. As a result, the workshops we prepared were highly diverse. We assembled a group of fantastic, joyful, and creatively charged individuals, which allowed us to quickly develop the workshop scenarios. There were so many ideas that we had to reserve some for future use” shared Agnieszka Sznajder, the Project Coordinator representing the Hearty Foundation.

The Extraordinary Dozen of the GEenius Academy

We invited 12 beneficiaries of the Foundation, aged 7 to 14, to participate in the workshop and gain knowledge and skills in the field of technology.

During the workshops, participants had the opportunity to engage in various activities. We started with play – breaking the ice is essential! Next, we organized first-aid exercises aimed at introducing the youth to the world of algorithms.

„The first-aid tasks were a big surprise for the participants, generating lots of laughter and good fun. The challenge for the young people was that the 'paramedic’ had to follow precise verbal instructions from one of the participants, and lack of precision, especially at the beginning of the task, led to funny situations, for example, the command was to 'put on the glove,’ and the 'paramedic’ put it on the leg. Thanks to this creative approach by the facilitators, children understood what an algorithm is, what a programmer’s job involves, and how to collaborate to achieve a goal. And they had a great time!” adds Agnieszka Sznajder.

In the next task, they learned teamwork… with the help of a blanket! Facilitator Marek divided the participants into two groups, each tasked with transferring the blanket to the other side without falling off.

The program continued with Scratch programming workshops led by volunteer Kazik, after which children were tasked with finding „treasures” – hidden 3D puzzles – in the company’s office. In groups of three, participants searched for puzzles based on photo clues they received. The puzzles came together to create beautiful wooden carousels.

Time for Gratitude

Following the workshops, our dedicated volunteers were honored with Certificates of Heartiness, symbolizing their invaluable contributions to the project. In return, workshop participants received thoughtful gift bags from the company. Notably, those who exhibited exceptional dedication were singled out for special recognition and additional rewards! The entire event concluded with a shared meal, fostering a sense of celebration for the project’s success and the meaningful time spent together.

Once again, we extend a heartfelt thank you to all involved! Your commitment is the driving force behind our initiatives and collective impact.

Our exceptional volunteers:

Marek Zemsta Project Coordinator at GE HealthCare
Piotr Ogórek
Kinga Schygulla
Karol Kania
Boguslaw Godlewski
Kazimierz Michalik
Kajetan Adamski
Adrianna Walaszek
Adam Dzimira
Sylwia Szyszko
Anna Zemła
Edyta Krawczyk-Krol
Konrad Starowicz

And, of course, none of this would be possible without the efforts of our dedicated Hearty Team!

Agnieszka Sznajder – Project Coordinator at Hearty Foundation
Alicja Magiera-Bąk
Przemek Stanisz

The Most Gratifying Reward for Participation?

Our volunteers expressed genuine joy in being part of the project, underscoring their awareness of its positive impact on children and the wealth of valuable experiences and knowledge it brought. What brings us the greatest satisfaction is their eagerness to engage again – a clear indication that both our male and female volunteers see the worth in taking action!

The partnership with GE HealthCare empowered Hearty to foster technological education among successive beneficiaries, introducing them to an entirely new realm of learning and amplifying their skills. The GEnius Academy project served as a compelling illustration that the right support can provide young individuals with the opportunity to unearth their potential and shape their future in the IT world. Furthermore, such projects also yield benefits for company employees – they acquire new skills, cultivate relationships within the company, develop a sense of attachment, and derive greater satisfaction from their workplace.

Keen on initiating collaboration with us?

Written by:

Karolina Chećko