Future Innovators Academy

We created FIA in collaboration with UBS to inspire children and young people to broaden their horizons, develop their talents, and build confidence in their abilities. Together with volunteers, we focus on openness, effective group collaboration, and fostering creativity.

We're currently organizing the fifth edition of FIA!

Through the Future Innovators Academy, our beneficiaries delve into the greatest social, economic, and ecological challenges of the modern world. Accompanying them are inspiring volunteer mentors from UBS, who share a bit of themselves, imparting invaluable experiences from the business world to the children.

The project has been running annually since 2019. Each edition has a different theme inspired by the list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN. The editions last approximately 4-5 months and consist of three stages.

The last stage is the highly emotional grand finale! During this event, children and young people work collaboratively on innovative projects, which are then evaluated by a jury to reward the authors of the best ideas with individual educational scholarships and electronic equipment.

What makes the project stand out?

The power of FIA lies in the fusion of four crucial elements: providing assistance to children and youth, engaging employee volunteers, utilizing modern tools, and incorporating the theme of sustainable development.

More about FIA

Each edition has its own leading theme, inspired by the list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations in 2015.

Stage 1

In the initial phase, we welcome a diverse group ranging from 100 to even 500 children and youth. Through engaging workshops using the Design Thinking method, we delve deep into the central theme. To cap it off, we kickstart a competition encouraging creative interpretations of the theme in various forms.

Stage 2

Moving on to the second phase, approximately 40-100 individuals enter a mentorship with skilled UBS volunteers. These mentors curate specialized workshops tailored to different age groups, covering four diverse modules, including Public Speaking, Teamwork, and Project Management.

Etap 3

The highlight of the journey unfolds in the grand finale – the Hackathon and Forum over the weekend. On Saturday, we form small teams comprising children and mentors from UBS who collaborate on crafting innovative projects. With just a few intense hours to bring their ideas to life, emotions run high! On Sunday participants present their projects to the jury, culminating in the announcement of the well-deserved winners!


In the Saturday session, we form small teams with participants, each guided by a UBS mentor, tasked with creating innovative projects. With just a few hours to devise their ideas and presentation strategies, emotions run sky-high!

On the second day, during the Forum, children present their solutions to a jury consisting of UBS volunteers, Hearty team members, and an expert in the theme of the respective edition. The decision is always challenging, as participants consistently deliver numerous outstanding ideas that often surprise adults with their innovation. However, to intensify the competition, the jury always selects one or two teams to receive individual educational scholarships and tangible prizes.



Number of children and youth who participated in at least one stageNumber of children and youth who participated in at least one stage


Hearty UBS volunteers


Educational scholarships awarded

Hearty Reviews:

„Thanks to FIA, children and youth can believe that they are capable of achieving anything, and their ideas, plans, and dreams matter to others.”

Karolina Chećko

Karolina Chećko

Hearty Junior Project Manager

„I am very motivated by the fact that, with each session, children take something with themselves—I observe how they become bolder, more open, and creative.”



at one of our partner institutions

„When I watched the final presentations, I couldn’t believe that kids could present their ideas with such courage and dedication!”

Paulina Wójtowicz

Paulina Wójtowicz

President of the Hearty Foundation

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Explore each edition of the project

Edition 5.0 - 2023

The fifth edition delved into the theme of „Equal in Inequality.” Conducting remote workshops for 200 children and youth at risk of exclusion nationwide, we divided sessions into two age categories: 7-12 years and 13-19 years.

Future Innovators Academy. Dream. Leran. Reach higher. Organized by Hearty Foundation. Powered by UBS.

Edition 4.0 - 2022

Exploring sustainable consumption and production, the fourth edition welcomed 200 participants from two age groups: 6-12 years and 13-18 years. This edition, conducted remotely, engaged children and youth at risk of exclusion from all corners of the country.

Edition 3.0 - 2021

Centered on good quality education, the third edition took place online with a nationwide reach. We facilitated workshops for over 200 children and youth, beneficiaries of foster care and educational institutions.

Edition 2.0 - 2020

Addressing the theme of good health and quality of life, the second edition unfolded online for approximately 100 beneficiaries of foster care and educational institutions nationwide.

Edition 1.0 - 2019

The inaugural edition focused on sustainable development. Stationary workshops were conducted for 500 young individuals aged 11-15 attending foster care institutions and schools in smaller towns across Małopolska.

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