Collaboration with Businesses

To us, businesses are the people we work with to make a positive impact on the world.

Our goal is to equip young individuals with skills that are crucial in today’s rapidly changing environment, and we believe that practitioners are the best teachers for this purpose. Consequently, we consistently seek partnerships with companies to connect our beneficiaries with the innovative and entrepreneurial aspects of the business world.

What do those who have already put their trust in us have to say?

What Can Your Company Achieve with Hearty Foundation?

Employee Volunteerism Projects

Sponsoring Educational CSR Projects

Funding Individual Scholarships

A Social Project with Hearty Foundation? It Works!

Companies engaging in educational projects with us not only contribute to a noble cause but also experience tangible benefits for themselves!

How Do We Assist Companies?

We help companies make a positive impact on their surroundings. As businesses become more socially conscious and responsible, they integrate social goals into their development strategies. We assist them in achieving these goals, drawing on our extensive experience.

We promote competency-based volunteering within companies, preparing employees for the role of volunteers. Our training emphasizes strengthening attitudes of respect for others, empathy, and collaboration. This not only positively affects job satisfaction, motivation, and loyalty among employees but also enhances their soft skills and overall experiences.

Together, we have a genuine and long-term impact on the future of young people. The satisfaction derived from this can only be understood by those who have already participated in our projects!

Why Choose to Create a Project with Us?

Tailored to Your Company's Business Needs

Before commencing the project, we’ll thoroughly examine your company’s specific needs. Our proposals will be crafted based on this analysis. We pride ourselves on being flexible and seasoned in the creation of high-quality educational projects.

Comprehensive Management at Every Stage

Our team boasts experienced Project Managers who will assume complete control over the planning, execution, and reporting of the project. You can rest assured that the project won’t demand an excessive amount of your time.

Continuous Care and Support for Volunteers

We actively support recruitment, conduct orientation meetings, manage training, and, most importantly, remain readily available for your volunteers. Should any issues arise, we provide unwavering support and expertise.

Impact of Hearty Actions for Your Company:

For Employees:

Enhanced Engagement

Cultivation of a sense of mission, purpose, and agency by recognizing their influence on the community.

Skill Advancement

Acquisition of knowledge and practical application of valuable skills, such as principles of empathetic communication.

Profound Satisfaction

Testing their capabilities in the role of mentors and providing tangible assistance to a specific child.

For the Organization:

Positive Organizational Culture

Building relationships and bringing people together for a common cause results in employee integration.

CSR Practice Enhancement

Promoting the idea of socially responsible business. Endorsing actions that have the power to make a difference!

Hearty Employer Branding

Enhancing employees’ identification with a company that acts compassionately and aids children.

Hearty Values Conveyed to Volunteers

Building Connections

We strive to create genuine and meaningful bridges between individuals.

Mindful Presence

Recognizing that children need our attentive presence, here and now.

Expressing Gratitude

Acknowledging the uniqueness of every child and ensuring they hear about it.

Hearty Project in 5 Steps

Let's Get Acquainted!

Drop us an email at or send a message on LinkedIn. We’ll promptly respond and schedule an in-person or online meeting.

Understanding Your Needs

Let us delve into your company’s essence to tailor the project accordingly. Listening to your business needs is paramount.

Explore the Possibilities

We’ll present proposals for activities and remain in contact for any inquiries you may have.

Clarify Collaboration Rules and Contract Details

Let’s clarify collaboration guidelines and contract details.

Initiate Action!

Would you like to embark on a project with us?

See what the Hearty Foundation can do for you:

Coordinating the project

Sustaining communication with the partner company

Recruiting children and youth

Providing training for volunteers

Managing promotion

Monitoring results

Summarizing activitie

Frequently Asked Questions

Education is fundamental to every individual’s life and functioning, allowing us to develop, work, and thrive. Acquiring knowledge and skills enables us to live better and happier lives. Our mission is to support young people in acquiring the competencies they need, and who better to impart them than practitioners from the innovative and entrepreneurial business world? That’s why we connect young people with employees and owners of companies. We observe how both sides wonderfully benefit from this collaboration. Children and youth gain competencies and their first experiences related to the business world, while entrepreneurs and specialists learn empathetic communication and get to know the new generations entering the job market.

No worries. You don’t have to have an idea before contacting us. That’s precisely why we’re here, to support companies in social initiatives. After a conversation and understanding the situation and needs of your company, we’ll propose several options for creating a joint project. We’ll advise, suggest, and help you choose the path that best suits your organization.

The budget consists of fixed elements and additional ones that depend on the nature of the project. Among the fixed elements are project management and promotion. Project management includes coordinating activities according to the project’s assumptions, implementing the schedule, reporting, evaluation and measuring results, recruiting beneficiaries and studying their needs, constant contact with the representative of the partner company, volunteers, and other stakeholders, as well as adhering to the standards of our conducted projects. Promotional activities include creating texts, graphics, and publishing them on the Foundation’s own and external channels. Among the additional costs are training for volunteers, promotional videos, space rental, ticket purchase, transport, food, etc.

We aim to conduct projects at a high level and build trust and relationships—with beneficiaries and partners. For the mutual comfort of cooperation, we always train each of our volunteers and thoroughly prepare them for their new role and working with children. It is an essential condition for us to connect children and youth with company employees with a clear conscience.

We anticipate that employees have varying time availability, so we engage them both in the long term and on a one-time basis. The key is willingness and a bit of free time. We assure you that every interested volunteer will find a convenient way to support our beneficiaries.

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