Holiday Graphic Design Workshops at Farnell

Dziewczynka pokazująca swoją pracę plastyczną.

12 creative minds, one gathering, 4 projects, and an impressive 80,000 cards dispatched to companies across Europe and the Middle East – that’s the result of the recent graphic design workshops organized by Farnell for our beneficiaries.

Despite the traditional postal service being nearly overshadowed by emails and text messages, the act of sending greeting cards remains vibrant, serving as a warm symbol of remembrance. In the last week of November – the perfect time for mapping out pre-holiday arrangements – Farnell extended an invitation to our Foundation to co-host graphic design workshops. During these sessions, our youngest beneficiaries had the chance to unleash their creativity in crafting holiday cards.

The workshop leader, Karol, shared the story of his career evolution into the field of graphic design with enthusiasm and humor, effectively capturing the interest of the young designers.

Throughout the workshops, our kids delved into the graphic designer’s methods and the intricacies of the profession, enabling them to step into the shoes of a graphic designer moments later.

In bringing their projects to life, our beneficiaries showcased remarkable creativity. In a matter of moments, new ideas for unique holiday cards blossomed before our eyes, ultimately finding their way into graphic design software on the computer by the end of the session.

The meeting reached its conclusion with a tour of the company’s office, offering a fantastic view of the city center from its windows. Judging by the reactions, the panorama sparked immense enthusiasm among our youth.

As a Hearty community, our goal is to introduce children to the value of teamwork through our activities and help them realize that creativity knows no age limits. Our beneficiaries had the opportunity to experience the benefits of collaboration in a friendly atmosphere.

During the graphic design workshops, guided by Karol, our kids created four projects of holiday cards inspired by modern electronic devices. These cards, in the form of printed copies along with wishes, were sent to an impressive number of 80,000 companies across Europe and the Middle East.

In addition to the wonderful experiences, Farnell also provided us with sets of development boards for the youngest. These boards will enable our beneficiaries to learn the basics of hardware programming.

We sincerely thank the company’s employees for their initiative and organization:

Originator and initiator: Maria Ożóg

Co-organizers and volunteers: Sabina Malinowska, Virginia Batuleviciute, and Karolina Lorencowicz.

We warmly invite companies to organize such initiatives with us – we guarantee great fun, satisfaction, and many children’s smiles and gratitude. ❤️

Contact for cooperation: