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Better Together

For several years now, we’ve been proving that together is better, in collaboration with UBS! In this initiative, we thoughtfully pair our beneficiaries with specialists from UBS. Mentor-mentee duos regularly convene online over several months to delve into selected school subjects while simultaneously cultivating meaningful relationships.

We're currently in the planning stages for the third edition of Better Together!

Better Together is a nationwide online educational project that we’ve been collaboratively developing with UBS since 2020. Our primary focus is on providing sustained support for learning, coupled with the cultivation of valuable, positive, and secure relationships.

The objective of Better Together is to foster the development of both the hard and soft skills of our beneficiaries. This specifically entails enhancing knowledge in school subjects and boosting grades, including in subjects like math or foreign languages. Additionally, it involves honing communication skills, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Support for children and young people is always customized to their individual needs. Consequently, the stage of understanding their needs and forming suitable pairs is pivotal for us. Our beneficiaries often come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, including those in foster care and day support. They bring with them a variety of life situations and educational needs. We are especially dedicated to leveling the playing field in terms of educational opportunities, a mission championed by our Hearty Volunteers – our everyday heroes!

For UBS professionals, participation in the project is an enriching experience. They acquire skills in effectively imparting knowledge, building secure relationships, and empathetically responding to the needs of others. These skills are highly valuable! We diligently prepare all volunteers for their new roles to ensure they are well-equipped to work with children, and their involvement in the project marks a significant step in developing their competencies and gaining experience.

As the school year progresses and volunteers engage with the children, they can always rely on our support. We maintain constant communication to address any queries and occasionally extend invitations for them to participate in workshops, consultations, or online integration meetings. Together, we celebrate the achievements of their mentees, navigate through challenges, and offer guidance on finding solutions.

What makes the project stand out?

Better Together demonstrates that investing months in learning and forging sincere bonds holds extraordinary power! And its outcomes exceed even the wildest expectations.

More About Better Together

Apart from regular tutoring sessions with volunteers, our beneficiaries also have the opportunity to participate in various additional workshops that we organize for them. These workshops cover topics such as effective learning, good communication, and stress management, and are led by specialists in the respective fields, including psychologists, lecturers, and trainers.

Additionally, Better Together has the task of supporting the caregivers of foster care institutions. We design online workshops for them and create recorded webinars with specialists. The topics are diverse and usually address the issues that caregivers themselves bring to our attention.

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3




Children and youth benefited from support during the 3 editions of the project


Hearty UBS volunteers

Hearty Reviews

„I derive immense pleasure and strength from being surrounded by people with similar values who not only want to change something but actually do it. Collaborating on Better Together is a real privilege for me.”


Mirosława Foszczyńska

Project Coordinator from UBS

„I know I can’t expect my student to achieve outstanding grades, but we managed to improve from Fs to Cs! I am very happy with her successes, even if they may seem small to someone else.”



UBS Volunteer

„With time, my mentee started to share everything that happens in his life with me without any obstacles. I consider this very valuable because he is a great and intelligent child who lacks attention and appreciation on a daily basis.”



UBS Volunteer

„Observing how volunteers overcome all difficulties while achieving success in working with our beneficiaries highlights the immense value of this initiative. The individual approach to young people and building relationships with them is the extraordinary strength of Better Together.”

Karolina Chećko

Karolina Chećko

Project Manager at Hearty Foundation

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