Dzieci trzymają przed sobą swoje rysunki czyli efekty kursu "Buduj i wspieraj poczucie własnej wartości".

At Hearty, we take joy in ensuring that smiles remain on the faces of children and youth. Moreover, we delight in the learning experiences of our beneficiaries, thanks to the dedication of our volunteers and ourselves. Certainly, the development of self-esteem falls squarely into this meaningful category.

Some time ago, the eagerly anticipated „Build and Support Self-Esteem” workshops, facilitated by the warm-hearted Patrycja Smolik, finally took place

According to Patrycja:

There is very little discussion about the importance of building and strengthening self-esteem in children, yet its impact extends across every facet of their lives. With this awareness, we work to provide children the opportunity to see themselves positively, if only for a moment. To show them that each person possesses a unique set of talents and predispositions and that every individual is more than okay. This diversity enables us to build effective groups and teams.

Supported by mentor Alicja Magiera-Bąk, Patrycja infused the children and youth from the Catholic Foundation in Katowice with a significant amount of positive energy. The beneficiaries absorbed a substantial dose of practical knowledge—all within a friendly and encouraging atmosphere! But why say much when the photos of the smiling children speak volumes? 🙂

The Hearty Foundation stands as a source of hope for children during challenging times. Observing the smiles on their faces and the joy derived from participating in workshops bolsters our resolve, making adversities seem less daunting.

Hence, we joyfully continue to fulfill our mission daily.

As a foundation, we place considerable emphasis on the emotional well-being of each child. We design and implement activities that cultivate positive habits, crucial for navigating adulthood (Alicja Magiera-Bąk, Project Coordinator at the Hearty Foundation).

As the saying goes, „Appetite comes with eating.” We yearn for even more smiles on the faces of these children! Therefore, we warmly extend an invitation to everyone to partake in Patrycja’s workshops.

Speaking of appetite, the crowning moment of the course involved savoring delicious pizza. 🙂

Once again, we invite you to explore more about Patrycja’s project.

Warm regards!