Musicals and Concerts

Together with UBS, we create unique shows that not only showcase the commitment and artistic prowess of our main partner’s employees but, above all, help children acquire their desired skills.

We're currently organizing the fourth edition of our musical!

Since 2019, we’ve been preparing charitable performances, with the proceeds directed toward educational scholarships for children and youth from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

The organization of such an event entails many months of hard work. Spring marks the beginning of preparations to ensure the premiere takes place at the year’s end. During the busiest periods, UBS employees dedicate week after week, spending several hours at rehearsals. This tremendous commitment, showcased year after year, fills us with immense admiration and pride!

Our musicals and concerts are original creations by our volunteers and UBS employees. They handle the script, direction, choreography, music, set design, and, of course, the on-stage performance as singing and dancing actors. Meanwhile, the Hearty Foundation team manages organizational and promotional tasks, coordinates and documents activities, and liaises with external entities, such as theaters. After raising funds, the next step is to allocate them to educational scholarships for our beneficiaries.

What makes the project stand out?

Musicals and concerts generate energy, joy, and a sense of unity in a shared purpose—a feeling only known to those who’ve been part of the project. It’s a unique fusion of art and philanthropy!

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Although these performances carry an amateur spirit, the artistic caliber is truly remarkable. Each year, the artists receive endless applause and heartfelt congratulations from a deeply moved audience. Every show becomes a singular event, an experience you just have to be part of.

When volunteers are asked about the wellspring of their strength for months of preparation, they emphasize the awareness that they’re doing it for the children, and they cannot let them down. The knowledge that all proceeds contribute to educational assistance for the Foundation’s beneficiaries adds purpose to their efforts. They also note that the time spent together during rehearsals serves as a powerful bonding experience, often marking the inception of lasting relationships and certainly creating memories worth cherishing. And then, there’s the added significance—performing on a professional stage is often the realization of a dream!

Results from the 3 editions (2019-2022):

224 227,28 zł

funds raised from ticket sales


sold tickets


Hearty UBS volunteers


educational scholarships awarded

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Explore individual editions of the project:

Musical in the works (2022/2023)

More details coming soon.

Musical Highway to... Hell (2021/2022)

This musical narrates the amusing and colorful tale of Wera, attempting to find her life’s purpose with the help of friends and encountering characters like Corporate Elf or Eternal Student. Agnieszka Hawryluk from UBS was responsible for the script and direction. Over 30 volunteers contributed to the project. Four performances took place at the Krakow Varieté Theatre. In total, 1352 tickets were sold, and the proceeds funded 21 annual educational scholarships.

Hearty Bells Concert (2020/2021)

In this edition, UBS employees crafted a magical holiday atmosphere through a unique concert. Due to the pandemic reality, they arranged and recorded carols and holiday hits entirely online.

Musical I have a black feeling about this (2019/2020)

This marked the inaugural musical in the history of the Hearty Foundation! Collaborating with UBS volunteers, we transported the audience to Podbucie—a small, dreamy town in the middle of nowhere, where residents witnessed many unexplained phenomena and absurd situations. The amusing and adventurous story was penned and directed by Marcin Styrski. Over 30 UBS volunteers participated, and four performances unfolded on the stage of the Krakow Varieté Theatre. Ticket sales amassed over 97,000 PLN.

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