We've Arranged a Great Year for the Kids! Recap of the Project with Aspergo Company and Generous Donors

The objective of the initiative was to improve the conditions for the development of children in care and educational institutions. Striving to ensure a comfortable learning environment for the kids, with cozy chairs and appropriately sized desks, we initiated a collection of office furniture and electronics from various companies and urged individuals to contribute.


To which institutions did we extend our support?

What were the outcomes of the project?


The „Let’s Arrange a Good Year for the Kids” project resonated with exceptional support, dedication, and warmth, all thanks to the main initiator, Mr. Grzegorz Szwajser, and his company, Aspergo, along with the generous donors. 

Through this assistance, a total of 10,000 PLN was allocated for the project’s organization and desk transportation. We were able to support 21 care and educational institutions, and, most importantly, extend tangible support to children and young people facing the risk of exclusion.


The commitment and devotion of the donors deeply moved our hearts. I take pride in being part of this extraordinary project. It seems fair to say that, indeed, we’ve managed to arrange a good year for the children! – shares Róża Szerement, Project Manager at the Hearty Foundation.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the „Let’s Arrange a Good Year for the Kids” initiative because every contribution, no matter how small, played a crucial role in providing improved development conditions for children and young people. Their comfort, well-being, and eagerness to learn are of utmost importance to us.


With the assistance of volunteers, donors, and coordinators, we’ve extended a warmth that will eventually circle back to us. I’m confident of that. 😊 Perhaps it will be Marysia, who, on her new desk, will craft a unique robot model, or Kuba, who will venture into the world of programming with his new laptop. Who knows! Kindness knows no bounds 😊” states Justyna Grzelewska, Junior Project Manager at the Hearty Foundation.


Bożena, Małgorzata, Iwona, Roman, Katarzyna, Maciej, Michał, Mario, Iwona, Paweł, Arkadiusz, Sławomir, Iwona, Michał, Krzysztof, Dorota, Agnieszka, Marek, Dorota, Tomasz, Krzysztof, Marek, Małgorzata, Urszula, Marek, Piotr, Grzegorz, and Ewa, Jacek, Piotr, Wiesław, Marek, Agnieszka, Grzegorz, Robert, Anna, Agnieszka, Małgorzata, Dorota, Michał, Marek, Wioleta, Jerzy, Anna, Bożena, Małgorzata, Iwona, Justyna, Róża, Alicja, Paulina – Your commitment, hearts attuned to the needs of the youngest, and the eagerness to offer tangible help resonated with splendid project outcomes – thanks to you, we’ve made it a good year for the children – THANK YOU!



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