„You can do IT” & Cisco – Results of a Joint Project

Grupa uczestników projektu "You can do IT" & Cisco

You can do… many things! They can do IT! In early September 2020, we executed the Cisco project, which we previously featured. Nineteen children satisfied their thirst for knowledge (and enjoyed some pizza too!) while acquiring new skills.

Together with Cisco employees, we crafted a captivating project titled „You can do IT,” and in case you missed it, we shared details about it here. This project was open to anyone, and on September 3, 2020, 19 highly creative children gathered in one location.

Navigating the challenges of the pandemic period, organizing events hasn’t been easy, but we successfully pulled it off. Thanks to the exceptional hospitality of the brilliant team at Kreatech, we had the opportunity to convene in a space that fostered creativity and was welcoming to children, allowing us to unleash our full potential. A lot of exciting things were happening.

At the outset, we naturally needed to acquaint ourselves with one another because, as you can understand, it facilitates smoother collaboration. Following that, we moved on to presentations covering the Management and Analytics modules. Subsequently, we delved into the nuances of robotics, with guidance from Mr. Marek, the amiable owner of Kreatech. We broadened our knowledge further with modules like English, HR, and Computer Communication, concluding the day with delightful pizza and engaging conversations.

Both the participants and mentors poured their dedication into the project.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Mr. Marek, Waldemar, Asia, Adriana, Marysia, Ola, and Sławek for their invaluable contribution to this knowledge-packed experience. It was truly fantastic.