Charity Cruise on the Vistula River

The charity cruise on the Vistula River, held on September 17, 2022, marked a remarkable initiative by the JCI Kraków Entrepreneurs’ Association and Fracthon Development’s owners, Agnieszka Widłak-Lindsay and Przemysław Kowalski. This endeavor brought together 150 individuals who collectively donated over 80,000 PLN to support the beneficiaries of the Hearty Foundation.

„The Hearty community holds tremendous strength! Through this event, we can accompany more beneficiaries on their journey to adulthood and the pursuit of their dreams. It’s incredible to see the level of engagement from so many people. I am grateful and moved by their wonderful hearts” expresses Alicja Magiera-Bąk from the Hearty Foundation board.

The pinnacle of the cruise, and simultaneously the most thrilling aspect, was the auction during which donors generously contributed 76,000 PLN, resulting in a grand total of 82,000 PLN raised throughout the entire event. Items up for auction included valuable possessions like a ball bearing Iga Świątek’s autograph, catering services, and even a helicopter flight.

The funds collected during the cruise were directed to our Hearty Foundation, established to provide education of the future and ensure access to the job market for every young person. The foundation offers equal opportunities for young individuals, counteracting their exclusion through innovative projects and connections with business professionals.

Thanks to the proceeds from the charitable cruise, 20 beneficiaries from the Kraków Foundation were awarded scholarships. Among them is 13-year-old Milena, who has a passion for biology and computer science. Milena attends additional classes in biology and chemistry to broaden her knowledge in these areas. Her love for animals and aspirations to become a speech therapist or psychologist showcase the positive impact of Hearty Foundation’s support.

What does Hearty support entail? It’s not limited to classes in math, English, or robotics. It represents a significant opportunity for individuals to achieve their dreams, receiving personalized support from foundation experts and strengthening their sense of self-worth, motivating them for further endeavors.

The delightful cruise on the Vistula River, combined with the lively auction, will leave lasting memories in the minds of the participants. „We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants for their involvement in the cruise and for supporting our beneficiaries. The willingness to provide selfless help deserves the highest recognition” emphasizes Alicja Magiera-Bąk.