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Stay with Ukraine

In collaboration with UBS, we have initiated a project to provide comprehensive support for refugees from Ukraine. Our efforts encompass a diverse range of support services tailored for both adults and children, with the active involvement of UBS volunteers.

The key question guiding our work was how to effectively assist refugees in adapting to their new reality. This question steered the development of Stay with Ukraine, a mission aimed at aiding the victims of war who have had to leave behind loved ones and homes, now striving to rebuild their lives in Poland. This shared goal unites us with UBS.

Our approach involves offering extensive support to Ukrainians across all age groups. For children and young people, we’ve curated a variety of artistic activities, including dance, music, visual arts, and acting. Through an emphasis on art therapy, we provide the youngest members with opportunities for joy, play, and creative development. Additionally, for young adults, we’ve organized several-month-long Polish language courses.

Addressing the needs of adults, our focus has been on professional activation. We’ve designed professional courses comprising workshops, training sessions, and meetings to prepare them for integration into the Polish job market. This comprehensive program includes consultations with career advisors, coaches, psychologists, and legal experts.

In parallel, participants have engaged in brief photo sessions to acquire current business photos, enhancing their CVs developed collaboratively with career advisors. Polish language courses have proven to be a significant form of support, fostering efficient communication for navigating daily life in Poland, particularly in job-seeking endeavors.

We’ve ensured that all participants have access to psychological support and the opportunity to benefit from individual educational scholarships.

What makes the project stand out?

In Stay with Ukraine, our primary focus was on assisting refugees in settling down in our country, fostering a splendid Polish-Ukrainian integration in the process!

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A pivotal aspect of Stay with Ukraine was our commitment to Polish-Ukrainian integration. We curated intercultural events, including concerts, and engaged Hearty UBS volunteers in diverse project activities. Notably, we paired them for language exchange, where UBS specialists corrected mistakes and enriched the vocabulary of individuals from Ukraine acquainted with Polish at a communicative level. Volunteers were also instrumental in supporting a Polish-Ukrainian event marking Children’s Day 😉

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Project Outcomes for the Dec 2022 – Aug 2023 period


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Hearty Reviews

„There are no places where you can listen and learn through conversation, so a Language Cafe is very much needed; such projects are essential for us, Ukrainians.”



Project Participant

„Projects like Stay with Ukraine and the Language Cafe are very much needed. The cafe is more than just conversations; it’s meetings with other women, wise women. It’s something for the heart.”



Project Participant

„My greatest joy comes from being with women from Ukraine, supporting and responding to their needs. I believe that in the current situation we find ourselves in, all initiatives of this kind are very much needed.”



Volunteer from the Umbrella Foundation

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