Uczestnicy i mentorzy projektu kodowanie przez zabawę.

In our programming workshops using Scratch, our kids, guided by programmers, brought their first games to life. They tackled individual tasks step by step, making use of this highly intuitive educational tool designed to teach programming through play.

Under the watchful eye of mentors, Weronika, Kacper, and Krystian delved into the world of coding. Each of them had the opportunity to work one-on-one with a programmer, connecting puzzle pieces, integrating sound and visual elements, and crafting an interactive story centered around their chosen „sprite.” These sprites, representing characters like Weronika’s puppy, Kacper’s robot, and Krystian’s human figure, became the focal points of their individual projects.

Krystian developed a game for two players racing to reach a ball. Successfully catching the ball increased their score. Kacper designed a game with a robot as the main character, tasked with collecting stars in space. Accomplishing the goal of acquiring three stars triggered fanfares and showcased the robot on a virtual podium. Weronika’s game featured a dog as the protagonist, catching balls and gaining size with each successful catch, while also facing the risk of losing points if it failed to do so within a specific timeframe. Notably, Weronika added a creative touch by giving her dog character a pair of glasses. 😊

„I’m thrilled that Szymon (CTO) initiated these programming workshops for children in our company. Initially, I had concerns about whether I could effectively convey programming knowledge to children. However, those concerns were unfounded because the children were eager to learn new programming concepts and enthusiastically engaged in creating their first computer games. I believe this initiative is fantastic because, for companies, it’s a relatively small event, but for these children, it could be a significant catalyst for a better future” shared Patrycja Strugała, a Ruby on Rails programmer.

After over two hours of focused work, the first games emerged, bringing joy and fun to everyone involved—children and programmers alike. A well-deserved break followed, maintaining tradition as our participants relaxed by playing table football.

„Workshops like these not only benefit children but also foster camaraderie within the team. If, on top of that, we manage to instill in these kids a passion for exploring new technologies, it will be a tremendous success for all of us” emphasized Szymon Kurcab, CTO of Paladin Software.

Our sincere thanks go to Paladin Software, especially Szymon Kurcab and the Ruby on Rails programming team, including Patrycja Strugała, Karol Bąk, Rafał Sułowski, Maksym Borysov, and Sebastian Zuchmański, for their preparation, execution, and willingness to share their knowledge with our young beneficiaries.

This exemplifies the spirit of a wonderful company that truly demonstrates its commitment! Your company, too, can contribute by joining the SHOW CLASS initiative.