Who Are Mentors? 3 Reasons Why It's Worth Becoming a Mentor | Summary of Young Entrepreneur Academy

Mentors, experts in their respective fields, offer valuable guidance and share their experiences while accompanying the beneficiaries of the Hearty Foundation on their Hearty Career Paths.

A prime example of Mentor-Volunteers at Hearty includes the dedicated employees of the Krakow branch of the JCI Association. They provided support to residents of foster care and educational institutions as part of the Young Entrepreneur Academy project.


Why Become a Mentor?

  • Inspire and Be a Role Model for Youth in Need of Positive Examples

Embrace the role of a mentor to share your experiences and knowledge, becoming a source of inspiration for many young individuals. Your guidance can help them navigate the challenges of adult life.

  • Support the Equalization of Social and Professional Inequalities:

The beneficiaries of the Hearty Foundation often come from foster care institutions and smaller towns with limited educational resources. Supporting their development is essential for equalizing social and professional opportunities, offering a better start in adulthood.

  • Join the Heary Community, the Dream Team Where Everyone Can Rely on Each Other:

Being part of the Hearty community means immersing yourself in a supportive network. We thrive on positive energy, multiplying kindness in every action. It’s a team where everyone can depend on one another.


„People might assume that intentional life planning is reserved for adults. However, during our workshops, both the youth and children demonstrated the ability to articulate their dreams clearly. 

What’s more, their responses regarding what motivates them to achieve these dreams were remarkably mature, wise, and touching. 

A little guidance, assistance in planning actions, and directing efforts can often be all that is needed for these dreams to materialize. The fulfillment of one dream provides the strength to pursue the next. And so, life becomes beautiful!” – Andrzej Nedoma

25 children and young people from across Poland took part in the Young Entrepreneur Academy project. They enjoyed engaging in 11 thematic workshops centered on education of the future, covering topics such as marketing, design, analytics, and project management.
Each session was led by a mentor who specialized in the respective field and, crucially, was actively working in that profession. This approach not only provided participants with theoretical knowledge but also offered valuable insights and practical skill-building experiences.

„The workshops within the project were fascinating to me as they covered a wide range of knowledge in entrepreneurship, a subject I’m passionate about. I gained insights into areas such as law, taxes, and startup establishment. Considering my future goal of opening a restaurant, I truly value the experience and information our mentors have generously shared with us.” – Weronika, project participant.

The project offered a tangible opportunity to delve into the foundations of future professions. Participants had the chance to experience the intricacies of specific jobs, understand their essence, and grasp the necessary skills.

These insights empower them to proactively plan their futures. Moreover, participants were rewarded with intriguing prizes, such as power banks from Creattack, gifts from Codete, and items from the JCI Association.

„The opportunity to co-create such a project brings immense satisfaction and motivation to act. On one hand, observing the growing commitment of participants is evidence that education is a pivotal aspect in developing a wide range of competencies, often subconsciously influencing the future choices of young individuals. 

On the other hand, the chance to meet so many wonderful specialists eager to share their experiences instills a genuine belief in the returning goodness and kindness around us. I thank every person contributing to the building of this beautiful initiative.” – Hanna Miśniakiewicz, AMP Project Coordinator, and Project Manager at the Hearty Foundation

Teaching, education, and the time dedicated to young people constitute an investment in their future. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to every mentor who contributed to the project. Special thanks to Tomasz Trzósło, the coordinator and visionary behind the Academy of Young Entrepreneurs, as well as the entire JCI Kraków, for their dedication, willingness to assist, and for sharing their knowledge and experience.

To Mateusz Woźniak, Szymon Wilga, Paweł Szczygieł, Jakub Urban, Agnieszka Steczkiewicz, Andrzej Nedoma, Łukasz Kozak, Grzesiek Śmiałek, Ross Knap, Marcin Badura, Mateusz Staszek, Alicja Magiera-Bąk, Hanna Miśniakiewicz, Tomasz Trzósło, and Róża Szerement—our heartfelt gratitude for your collaborative efforts in bringing the Academy of Young Entrepreneurs to life. THANK YOU!

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