Hearty Young Leaders


I’m Julia, 17 years old, and for the next while, we’ll be connecting on the Hearty Foundation’s Facebook. Why? We’re kicking off a new project, „Hearty Young Leaders,” where we’ll dive into immense inspiration and motivation drawn from the real-life stories of individuals who achieved success, even when their journey wasn’t a walk in the park.

At Hearty, we’ve noticed that young people often lack relatable role models and the push they need to take action. And if they do decide to take action, they’re often unsure about what they’d like to do. With this project, we’re looking to change that.

Our aim is to showcase reality from a fresh perspective – through the lens of people who are keen on making a positive impact on the world and have a vision of how to make it happen. We want to spark motivation and inspiration in you – to instill the desire to take action and prove that within each of you lies the strength and potential for both small and significant steps.

Through conversations with actors, entrepreneurs, and other individuals who have tasted success despite life’s challenges, we’re building a community of go-getters. Our heroes, in the face of setbacks and challenges, stood tall, didn’t give up, and dared to dream. It’s a community of those who not only want to change the world but are committed to doing so. Through sharing experiences and offering mutual support, we believe this community will craft a brighter tomorrow.

Overseeing the project is Julia Zając

Julia Zając, always sporting a smile, is a 17-year-old entrepreneur brimming with ideas. Beyond her involvement with the Hearty Foundation, she’s an active leader in the SIEMACHA Association, organizing events, leading workshops, playing the piano in a band, and, most importantly, actively engaging in the life of her community.

For the past two years, Julia has been representing her high school in Oxford-style debate competitions, serving as the fourth and final speaker on the team. She’s interested in graphic design and history, and she enjoys running. For over a year, she has been training kickboxing. However, her greatest passion lies in project management.

Among Julia’s notable achievements is organizing an educational film night, „Time for Change,” for the residents of three SIEMACHA Association facilities. She also co-organized the nationwide project „Invest in Entrepreneurship” as part of the Free From Theory Olympics. In this project, alongside her team, they educated young people about entrepreneurship through interviews, workshops, and lectures in high schools.

She joined the Hearty Foundation earlier this year to, much like her fellow Hearty leaders, play a part in shaping a better tomorrow. With us, she’s effectively learning the ropes of programming and management.