How to Responsibly Care for the Planet? Summary of the „Save Me – Your Planet, Earth” Campaign

Uczestnicy akcji "Uratuj mnie - Twoja planeta, Ziemia" z wypełnionymi workami śmieci.

Did you know…

that the average Pole produces a staggering 350 kg of waste annually? Unfortunately, a significant amount of this waste still ends up in ditches, forests, and parks. Collaborating with JCI Kraków, we addressed this issue by cleaning up our immediate surroundings, inspiring our beneficiaries to care for Planet Earth.

Undoubtedly, a shared lesson in environmental respect will yield numerous positive effects. The success of such initiatives lies in raising awareness and instilling a sense of responsibility for the places we inhabit. Environmental education is incredibly important; the sooner young people recognize the need to reduce waste and engage in proper sorting, the greater the chance of restoring a clean and friendly planet.

Did you know…

that you also have the opportunity to have a real impact on the future of the youngest? Support our collection and provide ecological education to children and youth – CLICK HERE.


Did you know…

that one of the most frequently abandoned types of waste in nature is plastic, which takes several hundred years to decompose? Hence, it’s crucial to teach young people about waste segregation and reduce the use of disposable plastic bags or utensils.

And what does Earth Day mean to the Hearty Team?

„Caring for the environment is not only our duty but also an essential element of our ongoing lives. Through such actions, we mobilize all generations to take care of our planet. Each of us is responsible for the environment. Education in this area holds great value.” – Alicja Magiera-Bąk, Hearty Director of Operations


„The energy of people for significant change in small steps was enormous! But with Hearty People, it had to succeed!” – This is how Ania Piwowarczyk, Hearty Business Specialist, describes the campaign.

„During the cleanup of a small corner of Krakow, I felt that we were doing something very important together. At the same time, we had a great time, spent our time productively, and the best part was the satisfaction after the action – it makes you want more!” – Paulina, President of the Hearty Foundation

„Actions like these are a ray of hope for me, and I gladly engage! Every piece of litter picked up is a small victory, and at the same time, it’s alarming – alarming because it’s another realization of how much waste is around us. Such actions are crucial – they help sensitize others to the problem of environmental pollution and draw attention to the importance of climate education, which helps us understand why it’s a problem and what its consequences might be. This is the education of the future, and it should be important to each of us. Let’s act and clean our beautiful world not only during such events but whenever we can!” – Karolina, Hearty Junior Project Manager.

Now it’s your turn to engage in ecological activities and help our planet!

You also have the opportunity to have a real impact on the future of the youngest! Support our collection and provide ecological education to children and youth.