How to build a robot and create a graphic design? These were the skills acquired by participants in the Hearty Foundation project…

In the initiative „My Future Profession: Graphic Designer/Roboticist” beneficiaries from foster care and educational institutions in the Lower Silesian and Lesser Poland regions took part. Starting in January, they delved into the intricacies of cutting-edge technologies through workshops in graphic design and robotics, overseen by professionals from the IT industry.

„Through these workshops, young people had the chance to explore the roles of graphic designers and roboticists, gaining valuable theoretical and practical knowledge,” says Róża Szerement, the Hearty Project Coordinator. „All of this aligns with the idea of education of the future, emphasizing the development of skills of tomorrow, including computer science – a highly valued field in the job market” Róża adds.

Project Overview

The project was organized into two thematic workshop blocks. The first block focused on the profession of a graphic designer. Participants engaged in six sessions covering drawing skills and four sessions dedicated to graphic design.

„Moreover, during the workshops, participants learned how to use graphic editing software and create projects using 2D techniques,” says Róża Szerement.

The second workshop block was tailored for young people interested in robotics. The participating children received video tutorials and kits for independently constructing robots, along with a substantial amount of knowledge in the field of designing robotic systems.


Success in Numbers

The workshops successfully recruited beneficiaries from 9 care and education centers, including 6 from Wroclaw, 2 from Krakow, and 1 from Sieborowice. Despite the initial plan for 20 participants, the project drew almost double the expected number, with a total of 41 future IT experts joining the initiative!

„The measure of success goes beyond just the number of workshop participants,” says Alicja Magiera-Bąk, the Operational Director of the Hearty Foundation.

Thanks to the project, children and youth had the opportunity to develop practical skills and face new, inspiring challenges.

„The project provided them with a chance to explore completely different roles and ask themselves: who can I become in the future?” Alicja adds.


Success Beyond Numbers: Participants’ Impressions

„One of the skills I acquired during the workshops was using graphic design software. I am confident that I will apply this knowledge in the future, for example, in various school projects,” says Marysia Ratajczak, a participant in the graphic design workshop block. „The most interesting part of the workshops for me was designing a logo. The whole project taught me a lot and inspired me to practice skills in graphic design,” Marysia adds.

For her, and many other young IT experts, the project „My Future Profession…” turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to gain practical knowledge and discover their potential for realizing extraordinary projects.

At the heart of the Hearty Foundation’s initiatives are young people, and „My Future Profession…” is not the only project organized by Hearty. Support these Hearty beneficiaries and join us in caring for their future!