We support young people in building their own performance

We create innovative educational projects and connect our beneficiaries with the business world


children and young people receiving support


meetings of our mentees with representatives of the business world

3,8 mln PLN

value of support provided from 2018

Every other young person believes that they are not doing well in life.

*based on the „YOUNG MINDS. Openness about mental health” report created by the UNAWEZA
Foundation. The study involved 184,447 people from all over Poland.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to provide education that prepares children, adolescents, and young adults at risk of
exclusion for independent living in a rapidly changing world. So they can feel empowered and find
great careers in the professions of the future.

Hearty stories of our beneficiaries

“Thank you very much, Hearty Foundation, for the scholarship I recently received. I will use the scholarship for courses that will help me in my studies and in preparing for my high school
graduation and professional exams.

I live in a small town, and remote learning deprives me of the opportunity for normal social interactions with friends. Thanks to the Foundation, I can participate in the Young Entrepreneur Academy project, and very soon, I will be starting online workshops on 2D design.”

CrossFit, Kuba&Artur 31.05.17 #34

Kuba Ostasz, Zamość


„I believe that the skills I acquire will help me find a better job in the future.”

Ada is 15 years old, lives in Wrocław, and attends a military high school. Thanks to the Hearty
Foundation, she is developing her interests. Through 2D graphics classes, she deepens her artistic
hobby, and with the scholarship, she is improving her English language skills.

Ada (2)

Ada K., Wrocław


What do we teach?

Taking care of oneself and others

to support one’s well-being and the environment

Communication and teamwork

to better collaborate with each other

Digital skills

to efficiently function in the world of technology

Mathematics and logical thinking

to encourage development in the sciences

Foreign languages

to confidently communicate without boundaries

How do we support?

Group workshops

Individual lessons


Sessions with a psychologist

Our approach

Tailored to needs

Before we involve children in a particular project, we first talk to them. We assess their situation, motivation, and interests.

Fostering connections

We believe in the power of being attentive to one another, which is why we train and prepare every one of our volunteers for genuine interactions with children.We believe in the power of being attentive to one another, which is why we train and prepare every one of our volunteers for genuine interactions with children.


Our support is comprehensive and includes both group workshops and individual lessons, as well as mentoring and sessions with psychologists and career counselors.


We understand that authentic change takes time, which is why we create projects to accompany children for as long as possible.

How can you help?

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