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Support the education of kids and teens from child care homes

Become a donor – fund workshops for one excluded child or find a different way of helping with the Hearty Foundation!

Hearty Foundation gathers many hearty people – volunteers, mentors, company workers in order to give opportunities and access to knowledge to kids and teens from child care homes, small towns or students with disabilities.

The knowledge and skills they are given now can result in their better future, good job and dignified life.


50 zł

funds one workshop for one student


250 zł

is a month worth of workshops for one pupil


1500 zł

is a brand new scholarship for one child

If you want to support our pupils send an amount of money of your choice to our account with a note „Darowizna” (“Donation”): 78 1140 2004 0000 3102 7798 4517


Each donation sent to our account will be used to develop the skills of the future among kids and teens at risk of exclusion.


How donations help our work


recruitment and training of appropriate mentors

substantive preparation of projects - it takes up to 3 months of work!

training people from the immediate vicinity of children - educators, guardians


we organize workshops and individual meetings with mentors

we conduct meetings to motivate and support children in learning

we care for constant mental and pedagogical support of our mentors


we celebrate success with kids

we summarize and evaluate the completed activities

we plan the further development of the charge

Your donation is a chance for a child. And for you?

We want everybody to be a winner. A person who chooses to support us financially receives a newsletter with reports on how we spend the money and who we help. Moreover, we regularly share materials about the children`s current situation and about the education of the future. 


See for yourself how a couple of złoty can change somebody`s future!

Are you looking for a different form of involvement?

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