- Collaboration with companies

More than just business!

Education of the future is a new idea for business social corporate responsibilities! Check out how to start your collaboration with the Hearty Foundation.

Right now, you have people in your company that care about more than just their income. Sense. Atmosphere. Experience. Development. They are all equally important. There is more to work and business.

Your collaboration with the Hearty Foundation can provide your employees with the experience they need!

What kind of experience?


What can your company do together with the Hearty Foundation?

Volunteer mentors

we will engage and prepare your employees to share their knowledge with children and young people

Joint project

together, let's create a project for the education of the future - let's develop the competences of kids NOW, so that they can use them in the FUTURE

Internships, apprenticeships

let young people do an internship in your company - let them learn the culture of the organization, let them gain knowledge from the best

Financial assistance

We also carry out our activities thanks to donations - we will use your help for educational scholarships for other children

A social project with the Hearty Foundation? It works!

When you carry out a project with us, you not only help other people, but also benefit from it. It`s been known for a long time, that the common initiatives help to build relations among the employees and a local community. It also has a real impact on creating the organizational culture that supports company development, participating in the education of the future and creating the future.

How to start collaborating with us? By talking! 


We will talk about your needs.


We will tell you about our pupils` needs.


We will choose our common goal.


We will prepare your company and employees to work with children.


You will join the Hearty Community and we will work together.

With our support you will build a culture of openness, appreciation and sharing of knowledge.

Check how with the Hearty Foundation you can build a hearty organisational culture within your company.

 Manual „How to get your remote team involved”

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