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Education of the future - we develop the creativity and competences of tomorrow

At Hearty Foundation, we develop the talents and competences of the future in children based on the Cordial Development Path. Check how it works!


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To understand WHAT FOR we operate, you must know HOW this heartfelt adventure has begun.

One of us - Paulina Wójtowicz - one day entered the search term "Kraków orphanage" in the search engine. In one of them the director was Mrs. Iwona - she called her. Soon, for the first time, Paulina entered the orphanage. She entered full of apprehension, fear - because she had never had contact with such


She came out… confirmed in the belief that, contrary to stereotypes, kids, teenagers did not need material things. Their difficult situation and lack of prospects for the future result from the lack of equal opportunities in access to education - the useful, future-oriented one!

Then came the piss that nobody is doing anything about it. There were no permanent programs of additional educational support in the institutions that she visited. This disagreement, however, fueled the search for a solution. After six months of reading reports from the country and the world about how it is, what could be, what could be better - the dots came together.

Paulina organized a day camp with programming lessons, and then the "First Step in IT" program to check how the children from orphanages would do. It came out

Paulina and Asia - the initiators of the Foundation - decided to continue it together and invited more people to act.

It soon became known that people from the business world they want to help with them by sharing their knowledge!

It works! Each year, we engage new people and companies to transfer knowledge and skills to our pupils, implementing joint original educational programs. 

Each cooperation developing the competences of the future among children and adolescents is based on the Cordial Development Path.

They are our guidepost in all activities related to the education of the future 3 values


we try to be kind in everything we do. Thanks to this, we experience that good comes back!


We want children to feel agency thanks to our actions, in accordance with the principle "everyone is the blacksmith of their fate".

Permanent relationships

we know how important trust and a sense of security are. We constantly take care of contact with children, volunteers and partners - the whole cordial community.

Manifest Hearty Foundation!

What we care most about when working with children at risk of exclusion, we have gathered in the manifesto. It is our starting point and point of reference in accompanying young people on the way of educating the future. It applies to every single meeting and entire projects. It concerns a few moments spent together and a program lasting several months

This manifesto is signed by every person from ours cordial team